Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sort of Late

I have been very bad about posting to this blog. I have another blog that is related to digital cutters and have been spending some time doing some instructional videos for it and just generally going through life dinking around on the computer and making cards and doing some quilting.

Thought I would share this scrapbook page I made a few months ago for the class my sister and I met up for and took in Kansas City from Tim Holtz. Actually we took two classes. People were asked to bring a scrapbook page that was about them and where they were from. Not being a scrapbooker, this was sort of a challenge but I finally got into it. It shows some of my journey from California to Arkansas and a few tidbits about my life in general. I even put in a picture of Roy Orbison because when I first moved here I used to play California Blues and cry a few was my "go to" song for a year or so.

The "story" pretty much ignores the first 30 years of my life but it does have a Society of Decorative Painters logo and a tiny picture of the first book I published alone. There is a picture of a quilt I designed for an adult home wall, the ATT (All Things Tim) logo, a picture of the door sign I made for the Tim of a map of where we live, the post office and pictures of my husband with his birds. I did think it was "sort of" me for the last 35 or so years.