Saturday, September 17, 2011

Something Different

What a shock to be doing two blog postings in a row...but I just had to brag! I had done a Christmas ornament (off-loom beading) for my friend Sharry. She called a few weeks ago and asked if she could enter it in the fair and I told her sure. Sharry's daughter won a Best of Show ribbon for one of her cross stitch projects, Sharry won, I think, three blue ribbons for quilts and I won a huge purple Judge's Choice ribbon for my beading efforts. My first ribbon ever! I didn't even have a photo of the project so I prevailed on my friend, Jennifer, to take a picture while she was at the fair today and here it is:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Box Project

I have niece that is always so upbeat and she and my nephew have had a rough year. Thought it would be fun to make something special for her. She is a costumer and does a lot at Halloween. Her business name is "Bloody Beautiful" and she loves steampunk and dark things. This is another box made from mat board and covered with paper, distressed and, because of her sewing, I added a pin cushion to the top. Here is a picture of the front with her name on it and the name of her business.

Of course the box has a lot of "Tim" stuff as well as various ephemera to do with sewing, some stamping and even some buttons. Managed to work in some grunge board. The top has a great magnifying glass that I grunged up and under the glass is a copy of the Costumer's Guild logo. The little button in the upper right is Melissa's Facebook logo. You'll see steampunk stuff, more "Tim" stuff and odds and ends of stamped things and just whatever seemed to me to be the right things to go on the box. It seemed to me the right sewing box for the person I perceive her to be. Hope she enjoys it!