Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolution - 2014

Yes, I made a resolution that I intend to keep. It should have been that I would lose weight...but thought it more likely that posting more than twice a year on this blog would be more likely to happen.

It has been an interesting year with my quilting adventure. I did a lot of charity quilts for the quilt guild and for friends. After a lot of practice I started charging people for quilting. I had some disasters and a lot of learning experiences. Actually, I'm still having those learning experiences but I am getting better and doing a lot less "unquilting."

A few months ago I made a BIG decision and added a computerized system to my quilting machine. It is just amazing and the computer loving part of me could not resist. I just love it and hope to get lots better at using it. Here is a picture of it on the quilting machine. It's a complicated setup that is basically a tablet with software that runs motors and who knows what...but you program it and it quilts all by itself. Ain't technology grand?

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